My style is Slam Dunk White & Slam Dunk Black. I’ve lived abroad for a number of years and I really love Greece, where I now live permanently. I believe that the world needs more love, and I see Sis n Bro as a driving force for a better tomorrow.
My style is multifaceted. Right now, my mood is a mix of Army Clouds & Pink Spring. I love my kids a lot, I like doing lots of hobbies, learning new things, and I hear just fine! The fact that we created Sis n Bro to share more love fills me with joy!
My style is clearly Monstera. I have a weakness for Benza (my dog), of course I can speak, and my favourite food is stuffed vine leaves (dolmadakia). To me, Sis n Bro is why I believe again in really caring ... in that voice of conscience and kindness that exists within us!