In accordance with our policy, for each pair of socks that you purchase, gives away a pair to a homeless person.

After reading and researching, our team concluded that the socks to be offered will be of specific specifications, so that they can serve the needs of homeless persons. The socks are specially designed with a specific technique in order to maintain the right temperature in winter or summer and to protect against sores. They allow the skin to breathe by wicking moisture, i.e. conditions that make them antibacterial to the maximum extent possible. The specially designed socks are for donation only and are not available for sale on

We work with public, municipal and non-profit organizations, shelters, charities and small community groups.

We give specially designed socks to partner organizations and ensure that our products reach those in need. The homeless are our top priority!

The provision of donated products is carried out in large consignments at specific times of the year, which are always determined in consultation with our partner organizations in order to ensure the correct supply of the products based on real needs.

The number of products donated during an entire calendar year is always equal to the number of pairs sold to visitors/consumers of during the same time period.

The quantity of pairs donated always corresponds to the quantity of pairs sold during a minimum period of 3 months, so that the number of pairs is sufficient to cover the needs of each initiative of the partner organizations.

The quantities for donation corresponding to the number of pairs purchased by consumers in the last quarter of each calendar year (October – December) may be donated during the 1st quarter of the following year, so that an inventory and sales review process has taken place an there is sufficient time to schedule the donation initiative with each organization.

Based on the above procedure, the number of products to be donated is produced and delivered to’s registered offices following an order placed at the manufacturing plant, which is always configured according to’s sales report, so that pairs of socks donated are always equal to pairs of socks sold. does not produce products for donation in order to maintain stocks at its headquarters, since the number of units to be donated cannot be determined without a sales report. maintains the donation procedure without any deviation, and the offsetting of the number of products sold with the number of products donated is always carried out with the necessary documentation: Retail receipts (total pairs sold by, purchase document & shipping note for products to be donated by, dispatch document (free of charge) from to each organization.